FINEXMAM - the most flexible platform for Multi-Account Management

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Bigger volumes. Higher loyalty. Lower expenses.

When flexibility is not just a word

We don't integrate settings for the sake of integrating them; every allocation method was developed according to the clients' requierements.

In FinexMAM platform you can create a unique combination of settings adapted to the needs and convenience of your manager.

Accounts interaction settings, if set up correctly, are like a tailor-made suit. Your clients will appreciate this approach.




in one


types of fees
for managers


allocation methods

Million Euro Reliability

Guarantee against losses - 1 000 000 EUR

We don't just say that we've got a German Quality.

We're ready to pay the damages caused by our software in the amount of 1 000 000 (One Million) EURO.

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JSON API for web-interfaces

Add a personal touch to your PAMM and MAM accounts.

The FinexMAM already has an in-built database that gathers the statistics of all investors and managers with maximum precision.

All the functions accessible via JSON REST API.

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3 in 1: Signal Provider - Fund Manager (PAMM) - MAM

FinexMAM embraces 3 systems based on different principles: signal provider, PAMM and MAM.
Therefore you can create a product that suits exactly your needs.
And Finexware team is always near to help you do it.

Signal Provider

Any MT 4 accounts

Use Standard MT4 accounts as Master and investment accounts.

Total freedom

The investor chooses a manager from the rating by himself. He can connect his investment account to two or more managers simultaneously.

The investor can even trade on his account. If the broker doesn't restrict it.


Multi-Account Manager

Full control

The manager chooses by himself to which accounts and in which amounts the orders will be allocated.

Investor accounts can be activated-deactivated from manager's interface.

Suitable for regulated jurisdictions

The broker has full control over all the accounts and connects investors to managers by himself.


Fund Manager

One manager - one account

The master account, where the manager trades, consists of several investment accounts.

Ideal for creating a PAMM-accounts service

This model is idel for creating an investment fund and PAMM-accounts.

It can act as an autonomous system with a rating or be managed only form the administator's interface.


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Everything that can be automated must be automated. Employees should be busy only with intellectual tasks.

Boris Gershanov, CEO Finexware

Leave the routine to FinexMAM

4 types of fees. Paid automatically.

Performance fee
management fee
trade fee
early withdrawal penalty

You can't reason with greed.

Investors are really good at counting profit. Even the unearned one. And they can bearly part with it.

To pay 5-7% less fees they are ready to deposit 30-50% more.


Working in a team is convenient

In FinexMAM you can automtically share fees in pre-set proportions and allocate them to the team members' accounts.

It's convenient when the manager works in a team with an analyst and a risk-manager.

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Cooperation with partners


Fees are paid for each investor separately

In FinexMAM system you can pay your partners for every attracted investor separately.

Sergey was working very closely with my team members here in Australia to launch a new platform for Admiral Markets. His attention to detail and effective work approach allowed us to launch this product in a very short amount of time but to an extremely high standard. This effort allowed us to attain a product with a very distinct competitive advantage.

Stephen Andrews
CEO, Admiral Markets Australia

Partners can cooperate to attract big investors

Sometimes agents need their colleagues or other agents to help them to attract big investors.

FinexMAM will automatically pay fees to your partners in pre-set proportions.

You won't need any additional setups.

Try it on your own!

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Risk-management tools


Bad days happen. Catastrophic - not.

Daily loss limit - a standard risk-management tool for traders in big investment funds and proprietary trading companies.

It's simple, but astonishingly efficient:
1) The manager sets a loss-limit in % of the capital at the start of day (00.00 CET).
2) If it's exceeded the platform automatically closes all open and delayed orders.
3) Further trading is forbidden and suspended till the start of the next trading day.

"Good swimmers drown more often"

Pic Thomas Fuller, american writer

Air-Bag for investors

Investors don't really need much. Safety and independence.

The loss-limit for investors will add these 2 key-qualities to your investment service.

It's simple and clear:
1. Investor sets a loss limit in % of the account's peak.
2. If the loss achives the set amount, the system automatically sends a request for account closure.


Application for the Manager and Investors

Ready to use right after FinexMAM server setup.

Rating of managers

Managers show their profitability statistics. Investors view the rating of managers and deposit using the application without the broker's intervention.

Flexible settings

The broker sets the rights and appearance of the client applications, giving access to or limiting certain functions.

Performance charts

FinexMAM gathers statistics on Master and Investment accounts. Now your clients will see not only MT4 statements but also profitability and loss graphs and a lot more.

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